Inside IP 6-8-2017

Today’s guest; IP’s Chairman Stephen Pearse, Access Venture Partners VC @DavidGold and @Ellen Chang CEO & Founder of LightSpeed Innovations.

2 thoughts on “Inside IP 6-8-2017

  1. Cool local show! Professional look for a webcast!…
    Good host…informative guests!

  2. Agreed! Despite recently dropping to the 19th position out of 35 countries…STEM literacy DID change the course of this country, especially in the 60’s. It was inspirational to hear that if we reinvest in scientific literacy NOW it’s not too late to reassert the US as one of those leading countries. We dropped from our global leadership role in the Paris accord, but let’s please not also drop off the stage where learning the basic critical thinking skills that lead to innovation and technology are concerned. It’s wonderful to know that communities purpose-built by Innovation Pavilion are gaining momentum!

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