Over the past several years, we’ve seen a shift in demands on a city. Millennials are taking over the workforce, millennials, generation x and baby boomers are demanding live, work, play atmospheres, and corporations are being required to innovate and grow at an increasing speed. How do city leaders strategize and plan to create an active ecosystem to support the shift of demands on future cities?

We are bringing city, industry, and development thought leaders together to discuss collaboration, P3s, and the strategy needed to create a 21st century model of economic development.

Panelists include:
Chris Beutler — Mayor, City of Lincoln, NE
Mike Waid — Mayor, Town of Parker
Ron Rakowsky — Mayor, City Greenwood Village
Cathy Noon — Mayor, City of Centennial
Stephanie Piko — Mayor Pro Tem District 4, City of Centennial
Leirion Gaylor Baird — Councilperson, City of Lincoln, NE
Trent Fellers — Councilperson, City of Lincoln, NE
Scott Blumenreich — Chief Information Officer, City of Centennial
Andrea Young — President & CEO, Colorado Technology Association
Vic Ahmed — CEO, Innovation Pavilion
Kerianne Leffew — Chief Millennial Officer, Innovation Pavilion