Innovation Pavilion, Redflint and Colorado Technology Association lead roundtable on preparing tomorrow’s workforce

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (July 13, 2017)- Tech community, Higher Ed, K-12, industry and ed-tech angels are coming together to discuss our joint roles in “Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce”. Innovation Pavilion, Redflint, Colorado Technology Association and National Cyber Security Center lead today’s roundtable at 11 am MST. The discussion will include an emphasis on technical skills, experiential learning, apprenticeships and entrepreneurial training.

“If there is an industry that needs disruption today it is indeed educations. The increasing cost of education which leads to debt for education and no ROI is a reality. Combining current trends and the needs of employers with life and leadership skills is what is the need of the hour.”

Panelists include Vic Ahmed CEO of Innovation Pavilion, Dennis Bonilla Executive Dean University of Phoenix, Andrea Young CEO of Colorado Technology Association, and Ed Rios of the National Cyber Security Center.

The roundtable will be held from 11:00 am- 12:00 pm on Thursday, July 13th at Innovation Pavilion on Facebook LIVE and on ( This event is invite only, press is invited to join. The Livestream is brought to us by

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